The Pleasant Popsockets Of 2021

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In phrases of affordability, versatility, and convenience, the PopSockets PopGrip: Swappable Grip is effortlessly our favorite.


The PopSockets PopMount: Multi-Surface works on a lot of surfaces, but we specifically like it for the automobile.

How We TestedThe Tester

I’m Shayna Murphy, a senior body of workers writer here at Reviewed. I’m additionally a lifelong klutz and I’ve dropped my phone extra times than I can remember, ensuing in limitless jokes and some pretty hefty restore bills over time. Because I additionally have carpal tunnel syndrome in my proper wrist—and that’s my dominant hand—I’m touchy and possibly more susceptible to aches and pains after I preserve my smartphone and scroll for extended periods of time than maximum. I used my first PopSocket approximately a 12 months ago and right away observed a difference in how clean it felt to use and preserve onto my telephone. To get a sense of the way others felt approximately them (and for the reason that I was already sold on them going into these tests), I additionally recruited a group of in-office testers, none of whom had used PopSockets earlier than.

The Tests

To locate the first-class PopSockets, I tracked down the most famous models in the marketplace and asked our crew of in-office testers initially the most honest take a look at of all of them: they caught them onto their telephones and genuinely began the use of them.

While some testers speedy determined that PopSockets weren’t for them—among people who didn’t like PopSockets, the not unusual complaint became that they just didn’t take care of the texture of them between their hands—the majority of testers enjoyed them and we together checked out how smooth these models have been to install, do away with, and reuse, as well as how a lot more weight and bulk they delivered to telephones ordinary. Additionally, we looked at how resilient they were with non-stop every day use.

For fashions with removable tops, we looked at how clean it was to take off current ones and add new tops. Because I had experience with PopSockets PopGrips earlier than, I spent the bulk of my checking out period inspecting models that I hadn’t used earlier than, particularly the PopWallet+, PopThirst, and Slide units.

During our checking out period, which lasted for approximately three weeks, we looked at two one-of-a-kind types of mounts—each of which have been solely designed to work with PopSockets—and a these days released charger, to decide simply how compatible these merchandise virtually were with the telephone grips themselves.

Lastly, due to the fact that we were curious about how a whole lot weight a single PopSocket ought to assist, our lab examinedspecial PopSocket PopGrips—one modern-day, the other lightly used—by means of hanging baggage of sand from each and sticking the adhesive aspect to the underside of a desk, with a view to determine how a good deal weight every should preserve earlier than falling off.

What Are PopSockets?

Credit:Betsey Goldwasser / Reviewed

PopSockets make it easier to observe movies out of your phone.

Made with a round plastic base, accordion-style stem, and ornamental disc top, these expandable grips appearance just like a knob and persist with the again of your phone the equal way a decal might and “pop” out, in order that they function as a stand, too.

Since their release in 2014, they’ve risen to near cult-like status, which isn’t any marvel, given that these grips aren’t simply superb-cute add-ons—they also assist make everyday such things as scrolling, texting, looking films, and taking selfies from a cellphone or pill extra comfortable than before.

How Much Weight Can PopSockets Really Hold?

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To take a look at how a whole lot weight PopSockets can maintain, we examined them attached to luggage of sand.

In the lab, our testers put luggage of sand ondifferent PopSocket PopGrips, one in every of which had by no means been used earlier than and one that had been formerly used. We fixed the adhesive facet to a wooden desk that turned into coated with plastic. In our findings, the present day PopSocket changed into able to maintain three pounds of sand in a single day. Conversely, the used PopSocket—which our lab decided had 10% less adhesive on it than the latest one—turned into best able to preserve two kilos of sand for forty five minutes before falling to the ground.

Are PopSockets Actually Reusable?

Credit:Jonathan Chan / Reviewed

PopSockets are absolutely reusable—you just ought to know what to do.

Although our lab turned into not able to determine the precise form of adhesive used with PopSockets—a few speculated that it can be just like a changed acrylic adhesive that traditionally works satisfactory with plastic and doesn’t fare so well with silicone, wherein it can purpose discoloration—we were capable of confirm one very critical element approximately PopSockets: they’re absolutely reusable.

To test reusability, our lab peeled a freshly carried out PopSocket off, then moved it right into a extraordinary place. They observed that you may do that up to 4 instances earlier than there appears to be any general degradation in the grip itself. Even then, our lab speculated that it became much more likely due to the plastic base bending out of place than the adhesive itself losing any stickiness.

However, a few PopSockets appear to include much less adhesive. Of the 4 PopSockets we tested inside the lab, a few had approximately 10% much less adhesive, which impacted their typical overall performance. We couldn’t determine whether or not this became linked to the rate, version, or layout, however it turned into fantastic, specifically in the course of our weight checks.

When it came to reusing PopSockets, we discovered that you may “revitalize them” with the aid of dipping the base into heat water, then the usage of a microfiber cloth to smooth off dust and some other lingering debris. For PopSockets that were extremely dried out—I volunteered considered one of my very own vintage PopSockets, which had been sitting on my table for numerous months—this method didn’t absolutely repair them correct as new, this could make them great for reuse once more, at the least till you’re geared up to shop for a new one.

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